Blu Frog at Spring Break

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Hotties hotties hotties, all love Blu frog!

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January 2009 Blufrog Video Winner

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Well, they did it again! Ben & Ben have racked up another winner in the good tasting energy drink, Blu Frog, video contest. Wow, these guys have some range, from hip hop to country.

Great Jobs guys. Another great video for good tasting Blu Frog energy drinks.

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Blu Frog winner on www youtube video

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Blu Frog Winner Announced-now on www youtube Video

January 9, 2009

First Blu Frog Video contest winner now on www youtube (from Blu frog updates)

Guess what today is? It’s a lucky day for a couple of our Blu Froggers… although I wouldn’t so much call it luck but mad skills. Today we’re announcing the winners of $2500 for our monthly Blu Frog video contest. December’s winners are all the way from the BIG city of Ruston, LA! Please watch their crazy good video and put your webbed hands together (wait, I’m the only one with webbed hands) for an ASTOUNDING job well done by the infamous future YouTube phenomenons Ben Backus and Ben Boutwell! and now available on www youtube video.

These boys have created an incredible video for the world’s viewing pleasure and have really set a high standard for the rest of you frogs to live up to. The competition is going to get FIERCE as we keep bringin’ it for the next 11 months ‘til we give away that $10,000 to the overall contest winner!

Rock on Ben & Ben! I’m puttin’ on my shades, as I know my future’s looking bright with you two aroundand I am sure your www youtube video will be the talk of the town.


Here is the good tasting Blu Frog Energy Drink Video contest Winner… Great job Guys on a great www youtube video and great tasting energy drink. These boys have created an incredible video for the world’s viewing pleasure and have really set a high standard for the rest of you frogs to live up to.

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What are Energy drinks?

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After conducting my own research (I’m just that kind of guy. I have to find out for myself),
I wrote down a few notes and created this post on Energy Drinks. I mention BluFrog in this article because  it has a proprietary ingredient called Original Limu (2 oz) that contains 70 nutrients that are essential to the proper functioning of your body. To me that indicates that it could alleviate the crash normally associated with energy drinks.

What are energy drinks?
Energy  drinks are potables (drinkable liquids) which incorporate liberal doses of legal stimulants. Some recipes incorporate higher levels of stimulants than others. Energy drinks might carry the 80 mg equivalent of single cup of coffee compared to the 20 to 40 mg. of caffeine in soft drinks plus other natural stimulants such as ginseng and guarana.

Marketed to the under 30 crowd, Energy Drinks are widely popular and easily available. In fact it is a $2.5 BILLION industry (2006 data). Brands such as RedBull, Monster, RockStar, and Full Throttle have been around for years. There is even one called “CrakShot”. (Sign of the times?)

Are there short-term dangers to drinking energy drinks? Individual biological Reactions to Energy Drinks vary. Though not necessarily bad for you, Energy Drinks carry a definite debate on the components or ingredients. Most Energy formulas can lead to what is referred to as a “crash” when the effects of the drink formula wear off and metabolized through you body. BluFrog contains proprietary nutrients that can alleviate the crash.

Know what you’re drinking- Look at the Label. The energizing attributes could progress the heart rate and blood pressure, dehydrate the body, and prevent sleep due to the stimulating properties of the specfic formula.  Energy drinks shouldn’t be consumed before or working out or heavy physical exersion. The combination of fluid loss from perspiration and the diuretic character of the caffeine can leave you very dehydrated.

What happens when energy drinks are combined with alcohol?
Energy drinks are also used as mixers. For whatever reason, there are many people that combine the stimulating properties of energy drinks with the depressant effects of alcohol. Energy drinks can MASK the intoxication level to the individual and make you think you are not as drunk as you really are. Additionally, unless they incorporate specific nutrients that can replenish what the energy stimulant takes out of you, they can even make the hangover worse. This combination carries veral dangers, the least of whihch is a horrible hangover. Energy drinks are stimulants and alcohol is a depressant. Just don’t do it.

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